Applied Analysis

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Fine Point Solutions is here to serve.

Startup ventures and growing business can often benefit from strategic reviews and on-the–ground operational and capital finance support.  But rarely do they have the luxury, budget or availability of full-time staff.

Enter Fine Point Solutions.

We provide the objective sounding board you need to evaluate growth opportunities and new business models.  The finance, strategy and special projects you desperately want to complete.  The strategic plans, budget and financial growth support that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Evaluating partnerships, acquisitions and investments.  Identifying key business performance indicators and creating easily observable and measurable metrics.  Building business models, financial forecasts and strategic plans.  Helping you understand your playing field and then giving you the lead you need.

Services include:

  • Business ideation
  • Strategic reviews and design
  • Competitor and industry landscape review and analysis
  • Financial plan modeling
  • Business plan creation
  • Complex financial modeling and analysis
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